Rollover Reaction is a cosmetic brand offering a variety of state-of-the-art beauty goods to create your own personal style and appearance. The high spirit of the youth's productivity inspire us to design and working with creative communities, to deliver fun with no-fuss products, that will fulfill your daily crave for beauty-needs in a flash. First impression matters, and face is the key to self-expression.


We believe that everyone needs to reflect their own personal beauty and feels good about themselves in the best possible way, without giving too much time and effort to get it done. We provide innovative beauty on-the-go products that are made to suit every mood of your high-pace life. Everything is crafted with passion and pride, great attention to details, and made with the best quality of possible ingredients.


Our products are built to be worn by a wide range of personality and attitude who live practical way of life. Through our colour selections and innovations, we want you to have the confidence to bring out the A++ version of your inner-self from day-to-day.

         “Rollover Reaction reflects what women want. Providing cosmetic you can have fun, be creative with, that enhance beauty, not to cover it up. Chic without being complicated”